PYPS Spring Weekend Registration

Registration is now open for our Spring Weekend! Click the link before for details and to register.

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Winter Weekend 2017 Registration

For our upcoming Winter Weekend, we will be joining with youth from the Synod of South Western Ontario on the weekend of February 3-5, 2017 at Knox Presbyterian Church, Waterloo! Through the facilitation of Rev. Emily Bisset, we will engage in open conversation about Human Sexuality, honouring a diversity of experiences and viewpoints. All young people (ages 14 – 25) are invited to attend!



Winter Weekend 2017 Poster Printable


To register for this event, you can click here: WINTER WEEKEND 2017 REGISTRATION

For the registration waiver/covenant to bring to the event, please download here: PYPS Waiver/Convenant


If you have any questions or concerns about the event, please email us at



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Introducing the 2017 Executive

Around a table at covered in scribbled notes and chocolate covered almonds, youth gathered from all over Ontario to talk about the upcoming year. Gathering at the beautiful Crieff Hills, we discussed long term goals, made short term plans, and pieced together the upcoming events in 2017.

Although there were a number of highlights throughout the weekend, we set time apart to walk the labyrinth at Crieff.


In the quiet, we confirmed our call to this ministry, and asked for God to guide us along our mission to connect Presbyterian youth across Ontario.


Left to right: Caleb McCarroll-Butler, Meghan VanderZande, Holly Boyne, Yasmin Emery, Stephanie Banks Not pictured: Elizabeth McGraw and Kelly Rasmussens


These youth are the future of PYPS, and the future of our church. Please keep them in your prayers for their upcoming year of leadership.


In Christ,


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News from Camp Cairn

In case you missed it on our social media, here is some exciting news from Cairn!


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May Camp 2016

Hello PYPS community! We are sad to announce that due to a low number of registrations, May Camp is officially cancelled this year. Stay tuned for information about upcoming events! We are looking forward to offering some awesome programming in the coming year starting up again in the Fall!

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Winter Weekend 2016

Hello PYPSers!

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for our Winter Weekend February 12-14th, 2016 at Erindale Presbyterian Church, Mississauga! We are excited to explore how much we as Canadians and Christians are responsible for people elsewhere in the world with our guest speaker, Rev. Mike Burns.

Please click here to register: CNOB PYPS WINTER 2016 REGISTRATION



Printable Wiinter 2016 Poster

If you have lost the waiver attached in your confirmation email, you can re-download it here: PYPS Winter 2016 Waiver

Have any questions? Feel free to email us at


See you there!

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Cape Croker Healing And Reconciliation Leadership Training

Hello folks!

This past weekend, Carragh, Ben and I travelled to the beautiful Cape Croker, home of the Chippewas of Nawash Unceeded First Nation. We learned about our Indigenous hosts, the history of the church and its relationship with Indigenous peoples, and traditional cultural and historical teachings through The Presbyterian Church’s Justice Ministries and our generous hosts.

After a time of food and fellowship, we began Friday night by smudging, a practice of burning sage as a ritual cleansing. We shared our hopes, our fears and questions that we have. Surrounding the fire, we made a medicine wheel out of our bodies.


The Medicine Wheel is a metaphor for a number of spiritual concepts. The Creator falls in the middle of the Medicine Wheel and is central in all things.

On Saturday, we discussed the Presbyterian Church’s involvement in Residential Schools, the Church’s ongoing process of Reconciliation, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 recommendations (to churches, governments and all Canadians. It was our hope to learn how we can restore relations with Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples.

As a group, we completed The KAIROS The Blanket Exercise, where we explored the nation-to-nation relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada. Through the representation of blankets arranged on the floor, we began to see the impact that colonization and loss of land has had on Aboriginal people as the blankets are folded up and removed. Through this difficult activity, we considered how to begin to heal broken relationships.


Looking out at the Baywatch Parkette in Cape Croker.

One of the most beautiful things we learned was that Aboriginal Spirituality has a lot of similarities to Christianity. We call God different names, but can come together as respectful people honouring each other’s traditions.

We are looking forward to pursuing Truth and Reconciliation ministry in PYPS!


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Update on Fall 2015

Welcome back to school everyone! Fall is a busy time for not only you, but our executive as well. Throughout this transition, we are sorry to announce that there will be no PYPS event this Fall. Our exec has decided instead to focus our energy into reflecting on how provide better services and events for the PYPS community, including taking the time to plan a fantastic Winter weekend for all of you.

As this will be the second year without Fall Convention, we are considering restructuring events to different times during the year. We will continue to update you on this in the future however, in the meantime, we greatly appreciate your prayers and your feedback! 

If you have any ideas for ways to strengthen the PYPS community and our programming, please send us a message on Facebook or at our e-mail address:
Thank you for your patience and kindness!

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Living for the Wellbeing of God’s Creation: May Camp 2015

What happens when you gather 48 youth, 2 youth leaders and their families, 2 deans and 1 fantastic speaker at a camp immersed in God’s creation?

You get a mountain top moment. These moments can be described as a time of joy, reflection and close connection with God.

Two weeks ago, youth from all over our synod gathered at beautiful Glen Mhor Camp, part of the Cairn Family of camps, to experience a time away from technology and be fully immersed in creation.

Friday night we started with big games as we introduced ourselves to new friends and learned more about each other. After learning each other’s names and playing in these games, we went right into introductions and worship. From the very beginning, there was this incredible wide-spread feeling of acceptance and enthusiasm to grow with each other. The group connected early on and we truly knew that we were called together at Glen Mhor to be exactly who we are.


An interesting game of tag where the person who was "it" had to act like an animal or do a certain dance move while everyone had to follow while trying to not get caught!

An interesting game of tag where the person who was “it” had to act like an animal or do a certain dance move while everyone had to follow while trying to not get caught!

After worship and a delicious fruit nacho snack, we went straight into campfire. It was so wonderful to see everyone loosen up and be able to sing at the top of their lungs! After a devotion, we went straight to bed for a big day on Saturday.

Sometimes people get a bit too into campfire songs (and cause others to hide in fear)

Sometimes people get a bit too into campfire songs (and cause others to hide in fear)

Saturday morning we started off with a quick pump-up to get us excited for the day! After sharing breakfast together, we helped do a number of work projects around the campsite to give back to the community. From painting to chucking logs in the woods, we channeled our inner Survivorman while facing the misty rain!

You've got this team!

It’s work project time, and this team is rocking it!

After our work project, we went straight into worship. We sang, prayed and laughed together. Our wonderful speaker, Rev. Kristine O’Brien helped us understand our connection with God through creation. After Kristine’s theme speak, we split up into discussion groups where we talked about our interaction with creation, listened to each other, and formed new friendships in our tight-knit groups.

Kristine speaking about our relationship with creation.

Kristine speaking about our relationship with creation.

After lunch, we had a giant activity rotation between Glen Mhor’s new high ropes, swimming in Echo Lake, canoeing on Echo lake, tie dye and playing sports around the campsite. Participants had a great time floating to whatever activity they liked the best!

Teamwork at High Ropes!

Teamwork at High Ropes!

After our wide activity, we had another worship, theme speak and discussion group time. We had a hearty dinner of chicken pot pie, and went straight into a PYPS-wide capture the flag version of the Hunger Games! Needless to say, participants got REALLY into it!

After our intense outside game, we went straight into “extreme crafting” where participants tried to create nearly impossible crafts from Pinterest.

In our evening campfire, we enjoyed our fellowship together as many participants shared their musical gifts. We ended our evening with a devotion talking about youth’s unique place in the church, knowing that we are needed here and have so much to contribute.


Right before the singing started (and I mean seconds!), the wind blew the lodge's doors open. Jokingly saying "God? Is that you?" everyone laughed and we knew we were surrounded by the spirit.

Right before the singing started (and I mean seconds before!), the wind blew the lodge’s doors open. Jokingly saying “God? Is that you??,” everyone laughed and we knew we were surrounded by the Spirit.

Saturday morning we awoke to the sound of a bagpipe and saxophone duet (yes, that’s right)! When participants least expected it, “Cat Man” ran out of the bushes and led us in a morning Zumba session!

Cat Man in all his glory!

Cat Man in all his glory!

We had a fantastic breakfast, started to pack up our things and celebrated communion in our last worship, theme speak and discussion group time. In Kristine’s final theme speak, she helped us see that sometimes, we just need to come back and reconnect.

"Almost everything will work again you unplug it for a few minutes...even you." - Anne Lamott

“Almost everything will work again you unplug it for a few minutes…even you.” – Anne Lamott


We had such an incredible weekend together. I am continually reminded that God is doing wonderful things at PYPS and is working through all of our participants as we enjoy our fellowship together, try new things and further develop our faith with like-minded peers.

This weekend would not have been possible without Camp Cairn’s dedicated staff who went above and beyond to welcome us not only to their site, but into their community. For all of the youth leaders, parents, Ministers and mentors who suggested PYPS to new Participants, thank you. Thank you to Rev. Alex and Rev. Emily Bisset who tirelessly supported youth throughout the weekend, and for their ongoing support for participants and executive members. Thank you to Rev. Kristine O’Brien for sharing your moving words with us as we re-thought our relationship with creation. Your theme speaks inspired us and taught us a new way of thinking about creation.

Last of all thank you to all of the youth who attend this event! YOU are the heart and soul of PYPS, the future of the church, and light of the world. As we come down this mountain together, let’s remember the joy we shared and closeness to God we experienced as a community of faith.

Thanks for the great weekend everyone!

Thanks for the great weekend everyone!

In Christ,

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CNOB PYPS May Camp 2015

It’s that time of year again! Spring is here, and that of course means May Camp is on its way!

Poster for May Camp


You can register right here: CNOB PYPS MAY CAMP 2015 REGISTRATION

PYPS May Camp 2015 Waiver


We hope you can make it!

Feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns!

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