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Nov 03, 2003  Most (though not all) applications I've seen have an check box that lets you say whether or not you want them to contact your current employer. If there's not such a box, I think a note on the application or attached to the application would be appropriate. The comment he used is good, but I would add a second item, along the Jun 28, 2001 It is almost unheard of for a company to contact current or previous employers based on a resume or a job application.

Usually, contacting previous employers, references, etc, only comes after a first interview and then only if they are interested in hiring. Put your request directly in the cover letter, saying something like, " My current employer is unaware that I am looking for a new job, so please do not contact them without my permission.

" Good luck with your hunt! Indeed Hub Not contacting a current employer is very much the standard. Indicating that you don't wish for your current employer to be contacted will not take you out of the running for a position, nor will it even raise an eyebrow. It will be understood by 99.

99 of employers. It's not something you have to tiptoe around. Most recruiters and interviewers understand that job searches can be confidential and often wont contact your current employer until they clear it with you first.

So answering no to this question isnt uncommon or unacceptable. In fact, if you do grant them permission, they may still double check with you beforehand as a precaution. Apr 07, 2017 I'm not sure whether my current employer allows managers to give references for employees but even if they don't, Bob wouldn't care. He would be delighted to have the chance to slime me over the I wouldn't put your current employer's contact information on your resume if you don't want them contacted immediately.

Just don't put their phone number most recruiters aren't going to bother to dig up the phone number on their own if you don't provide it. In my experience, it is assumed that if a potential employer requests references from you, you will provide them so I don't think it's necessary to mention references on your resume or cover letter.

I also do not think it's uncommon for a job seeker to request that a company not contact their current employer at the time of the application because The one time I applied for a job within my department, I put do not contact current employer. The position was a promotion but I did not want my boss to know I was considering to leave. I interviewed for the position, and before they offered me the position, HR asked if they could talk to my current supervisor.

If you are asked why, simply tell them you don't want your current employer to know you are searching for another job. If they insist, tell them you would appreciate it if they would only contact her if they are absolutely certain they are going to offer you the position. They may need her to confirm that you do work there or your current salary.

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