How to write a virtual printer

Virtual Printer Driver receives the print job, extracts the EMF files, pauses its processes, calls the preconverter and does not resume until the preconverter either updates the print job status or simply closes.

I'm looking for a virtual print device which will allow me to print as a plain text file in a specific location. Virtual Printer Plain Text Output Hello I've to write a virtual printer driver for windows 7 64bits, and i'm a beginner in driver development. This driver will send all the data received from the soft (word, notepad, ), into a socket (a TCP server will process data later), nothing more, no rendering, no The virtual printer sends the path of this INI file to a specified application using one of following transfer modes: Command line transfer mode.

The virtual printer will run the specified application with the path of the INI file in the command line parameters. Building a Basic v4 Printer Driver. ; 7 minutes to read Contributors.

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