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Boesman and Lena are" coloured" South Africans wandering through the mudflats by the Swartkops River. In the first act, they stagger onstage carrying everything they own: pots, pans, clothes, wine Boesman and Lena is as explicit a title as Waiting for Godot.

In the latter title, as numerous others have pointed out, unidentified individuals are waiting for God. Control of the individual's fate is placed outside hisher hands into those of a deity; human responsibility is diminished. It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. In this essay, Petrusso discusses the evolution of Lena's character and why she decides to stay with her abusive mate, Boesman, at the end of Fugard's play.

In Athol Fugard's Boesman& Lena, the title characters, de facto husband and wife, seem to have an adversarial relationship. 76 Boesman and Lena Athol Fugards play Boesman and Lena was written in 1969 and performed for the first time at the Rhodes University Little Theatre in Grahamstown on 10 July 1969. It was the period when apartheid rule reached its zenith in South Africa. Boesman and Lena is a social protest play, for Fugard is presenting an implicit indictment of apartheid laws that made possible such removals and dispossessions as Boesman and Lena face.

Thus the dehumanisation of Lena as woman will be discussed with examples out of Boesman and Lena. Most of Boesmans words and actions towards Lena are morally unacceptable, because he sees himself as the patriarch of their family existing of only him and Lena.

Below is an essay on" Boesman" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Boesman& Lena opens with Boesman, a colored man, finding a spot to make camp in the Swartkops mudflats outside of Boesman and Lena was written in 1965 which is a mere 17 years after the start of apartheid.

The play clearly shows the harshness of this time period relating to the Forced Removals and Group Areas Acts, which were passed by the government in order to draw a line by fully separating racial groups. Boesman and Lenas plight was the plight of many black South Africans, and their reactions to this injustice were similarly copied by others in similar circumstances. As such, Fugards play reveals how an entire community of people are systematically affected by a governments corruption.

Below is an essay on" What s The Importance Of Outa To Lena" from Anti Essays, your source for Boesman and lena essay help papers, essays, and term paper examples. Boesman and Lena is a play written by Athol Fugard in the 20th century. Lena wants Boesmans help in putting him down, but Boesman refuses and decides to go to sleep instead. He goes into the shelter, then comes out and tells Lena to get rid of the dead man.

Lena tells him to go back to sleep, but Boesman is agitated by the old mans continued presence. In Boesman and Lena, Fugard explores the magnitudes that Apartheid poses both on a personal basis and its psychological effects.

Fugard emphasizes isolation and loss of identity as a result of separate development.

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